It contributes BCDR( Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) that keeps your data safe and data recovery as a service features, including remote health monitoring and automated data protection. The Azure site provide replication and disaster recovery environments.It is cost effective because there are no computer, network infrastructure, facility rental or software licensing fees required during online protection. You can easily run test failovers to support disaster recovery drills, without affecting production environments and the ongoing replication.

Having an IT Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy is vital today, protection data can be automated through a wide range of customizable policies, and managed services allow you to work with a team effectively. Here, we can highlight the benefits of Azure Site Recovery that can be used for the company.

  1. Cost effective:Azure Site Recovery (ASR) simplifies the process of migration to Azure. It means migration is using ASR free. There are no upfront costs and no terminations fees and you only pay for what you’re using so you get the greatest value. Backup of your servers and data using Azure Site Recovery is free for 31 days and then starts from $30.40 per server on a monthly basis, thereafter if you reduce your requirements your costs will immediately go down the next month.
  1. Natively supports the widest range of enterprise applications:Azure Site Recovery currently boasts the natively supports the widest range of enterprise applications. Physical servers running  Windows or Linux, Hyper-V virtual machines,  and VMware virtual machines are all easily uploaded and run on the cloud in the event of any size outage. The storage is app-agnostic, meaning any workload running on the above supported machines is guaranteed to replicate without fail.
  1. Smart Choice, Security, and Protection:Achieve business goals for continuity help to secure your data with the industry-leading protection offered by encryption features. Manage and protect your apps with offerings such as Operations Management Suite, which includes centralized management, integrated data protection, and application availability solutions.
  1. Perform Test: A great benefit to site recovery is the ability to test your disaster plan without any impact on your environments. The regulatory business fulfills backup compliance, the integrity of your entire environment can be verified without inconveniencing you.
  1. Pre-defined multi-tiered start-up:The security, minimal cost, and comprehensive protection make implementing the recovery from a disaster. So that you can control and set-up your sequence in a multi-tiered approach so that the most critical systems are recovered first. This means you need to recover from a disaster, the systems will return in order of priority that you have determined.

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