Overview of Azure Event Hubs

It can be approaching over two million events per second or up to 2 GB per second of telemetry with fully durable storage and sub-second latency.


It is an allowance in a single tenant which is offering the same engine that power Event Hubs Standard tier. There are some benefits which are as follows:

  • No scream hosting with single tenant with other tenants- your resources are “isolated”
  • Standard and Basic messaging size can be increased to 1 MB as compare to 256 KB
  • Access to cost in an event, throughput units and Archive in over fixed monthly price.
  • Your explosion needs are meet to the capacity of the guarantee
  • There is zero level of maintenance
  • Repeatable performance every time
  •  It is benefits to providing up to 2 million access events per second between 1 and 8 capacity units

Event Hubs will help to meet the highest scale telemetry and streaming demands. It offers all these features in a single tenant runtime so that your streams will never be affected by bursts in traffic volumes and provides you with a tried-and-true performance.

Maximum message size is increased to 1MB and restrictions on the number of brokered connection you can have are significantly eased.

Event Hubs offering more, such as

  • It is a fully managed platform as a service, where all maintenance such as OS and software patching is taken care.
  • It provides approximately 200 Throughput Unit of Capacity. You can scale your dedicated capacity up or down throughout the month to meet your needs by adding or removing capacity units.

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