Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake incorporates every one of the abilities required to make it simple for engineers, information researchers and experts to store information of any size, shape and speed, and do a wide range of handling and investigation crosswise over stages and dialects. It expels the complexities of ingesting and putting away the majority of your information while making it quicker to get up and running with clump, gushing and intelligent examination. Purplish blue Data Lake works with existing IT speculations for personality, administration and security for rearranged information administration and administration. It likewise incorporates consistently with operational stores and information stockrooms so you can broaden current information applications. Purplish blue Data Lake settles a significant number of the efficiency and versatility challenges that keep you from augmenting the estimation of your information resources with an administration that is prepared to meet your present and future business needs.

Data Lake Analytics

Azure Data Lake is one of a kind cloud analytic, which provides services that can easily develop and run massively parallel data transformation and processing programs in U-SQL, R, Python and .Net over petabytes of data. The competitive advantaged provided by it is that there is no need to manage the infrastructure, on demand data processing, provides scalability and only pay per job.

Data processing in Data Lake Store

One of the features of Azure Data Lake is Azure HDInsight, a fully manage cloud service that makes it easy, fast, and cost effective in processing large bulk of data. It enables a varieties of scenarios such as ETL, Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, IoT and many more.

Develop, debug and optimize big data programs

Finding out the right tools to design and optimize your big data queries can be tiresome. Data Lake makes easy the integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse and itelliJ, helps in running familiar tools to run, debug and optimize the code. The execution interface readily analyzes the programs during the run time and provides recommendations, making the performance more effective and efficient hence reducing the cost.

Data Storage

Data Lake Storage helps in accomplishing the analysis of the data in a single place with no artificial constraints. It can store trillions of files, greater than the size of a petabyte which s 200x more than any other cloud storage provides. This can be put to a great advantage to the developers as they do not have to rewrite the codes leading to the increase and decrease the size to the data storage. This lets in focusing on the sole purpose of your business strategies without bothering on how to process and store large datasets.

Securing data in Azure Data Lake Storage

Azure Data Lake Storage uses Azure Active Directory for authenticating and accessing control lists to manage and access your data. The deployments are monitored regularly, guaranteeing that it will run continuously. The data stored in it is encrypted, and provides access through single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication services provides high security standards.

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